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Conducting research on the impact of integrative and energy medicine for the reduction of chronic disease and rapid recovery from acute conditions.

Promoting Health & Wellbeing through research, education and community collaboration.  

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BioEnergetics Institute will offer many courses across a broad variety of topics, with Certified Medical Education (CME's) credits, and a distance learning certificate programs, each with a combination of distance learning and hands-on training sessions.

Forums, Education Events

Organized to facilitate a forum for the exchange of information between practitioners, research scientists and the healthcare industry.

One  focus is on Quantum-based electric cell signaling techniques that follow musical law and universal frequencies (Schumann, Solfeggio) for the mitigation of chronic, intractable pain and the activation of regenerative processes in the body.

Membership Summary

  • A focused organization providing forum of exchange of information between physicians, healthcare professionals and scientists
  • A profound, ever-growing source of academic and scientific information
  • Interactive member capabilities covering science, Institute direction and governance, practice management support programs and coursework
  • Individual member publishing capability with Institute support
  • Member communication portals for rapid information dissemination
  • Practice management assistance via professional internet links
  • Third-Party reimbursement policy profiles with professional links
  • Up-to-date regulatory changes and proposals via communication portals
  • Opportunity to advance membership status levels with increased benefits
  • BioEnergetics Speakers’ Bureau opportunities
  • Controlled research and case study participation capability
  • Access to scientific or medical treatment protocol grants
  • Access and participation in academic or practice management workshops
  • Access to on-going lobbyist efforts for Energy Medicine acceptance
  • Energy Medicine treatment Certification programs